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Brian's Dream Diary - Over 8,000 documented dreams, many of which have already come true :: Brian Ladd specializes in dream analyzation, dream prediction, remote viewing and more with thousands of documeneted dreams that have come true...the largest personal online dream diary in the world.

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My name is Brian Ladd and there's really not much to what I can do...basically I have dreams, write them down and post them on this site. Most nights I have dozens of dreams, and I have been trying my best over the past several years to wake myself up and record each and every one. As you will soon find out...I'm not an artist, but I do try my best to jot down my dreams...and this is really no easy task...but I am getting better :) One thing I want to make clear before we go one...I do not consider myself a psychic, I'm not able to get visions or talk to dead people. All my work is done in dreams and I firmly believe we can all do this, it just takes time and practice, and I'm here to help anyone that's willing to listen and has an open mind.

So what make's my dreams so special?

Well basically, they all seem to come true sooner or later...and as of today, more than 8,000 dream drawings (DD's) are now posted...some of which have been validated by dozens of major media outlets, along with hundreds of remote viewings and missing people dream readings...all of which I do for free. Many have stated that my work can be compared to a man named Edgar Cayce...I'm not sure about that, but I do believe he is guiding me in some sort of way.

Over the past three and a half years, I have been documenting each and every dream that has come true...but this has been no easy task, with much work still to do. Much of my dream confirmations come from readers like you, and I could not do it without you. So, if you ever see a dream drawing that you know was happened, please let me know about it.

Missing Persons Cases

I have also had great success in helping to locate missing missing people, and have been the topic of many missing person organizations and media outlets. I have also helped solve many popular missing person cases like Shawn Hornbeck, Ben Ownby and dozens more. In many cases (i.e. Shawn Hornbeck), the family of the missing contacted me just days before their loved ones were found...we still have not been able to explain this, but for some reason missing people just seem to show up after I do a reading.

I update this site at least once a day, most of the time around 6pm US East Coast Time, however, since I have a day job, this does not always happen on time. This entire site is run by me, and me alone. I also realize that there are hundreds of spelling and grammatical errors, but please give me a break, I'm from West Virginia, and I'm trying the best I can :)

I post all my matter if its correct or not. I might lose readers this way, but I believe that removing any of my work would hurt my credibility. Now most people already think I'm a crazy nutcase, but at least I'm a credible nutcase. I have also had visions in the past that many said were totally wrong...yet a year viewings turned out to be validated. As far as I know, I'm the only person in the world doing this, and I challenge others to do this same, especially those who really do have psychic abilities.

My  Top 10 Dreams for each year are posted here I encourage everyone to check what I and others have to offer with this site...I think it will be well worth your time.
Enjoy, and thanks again for stopping by and please tell a-friend about me and my work :)

Brian Ladd

 Brian Ladd 


News and Reader Comments

More totally amazing reports on this single seed and dream...seems the Miracle Seed is really growing miracles in hundreds of homes worldwide!  It's been reported that this seed sprouts in less than 48 hours...the type of seed and what it does are kept secret per DD instructions. If you would like a free seed and pot, please click here...miracles do happen everyday!

"Either Brian has a time machine, or we are witnessing the most important events know to man...we are impressed" J Colens

Comment on my missing person cases:  "My count is 64 people one dog and one cat correct!! AMAZING WORK!!!" case #610

"Brian's dreams have time after time proven to be more accurate that any person we know of..." S. Stevens, DC

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